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"When an elder dies, it is as if an entire library burns down." African Saying

What is a Life History?

Invaluable to dear friends and loved ones, a Life History is a recorded, oral narration of a person's life experiences, thoughts, and values. There is something incredibly powerful in hearing a loved one's voice as they share their thoughts on everything from the first time they fell in love to the most important thing that they have learned in their lifetime. Once complete, the person's story and voice are preserved to live on and be shared with generations to come.

"A life history is a gift…preserving the past for the future."

Why is it Important to Gather and Record Life Histories?

As our friends and loved ones age, it becomes incredibly important to collect and record their Life Histories, while they are still able. It is an opportunity to ask the questions that never get asked because the occasion never arises. For close friends and loved ones, hearing the person's voice as they talk openly about their life experiences, thoughts and words of wisdom, is truly invaluable. There is something very special about the human voice that often brings a person back to memory more strongly than a photograph or written word. For generations ahead, the Life History will provide details of the time and a personal connection to the relatives that came before them.

"Wisdom springs from life experience, well-digested.

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